Barbara Schultz Image Consulting

Image Editing and Management

About Us

Barbara Schultz Image Consulting provides image research, editing, and acquisition for publishers and media. We offer expertise in American and World History, Social History, Archival News, and Fine Arts.
Barbara Schultz, Artist and Visual Historian, has over 35 years experience acquiring images from public domain sources: in the 1980s for publishing clients, in the 1990s for Corbis (the digital imaging company owned by Bill Gates), and in the 2000s for media clients. We regularly access images from the Library of Congress, National Archives, Presidential Libraries, and other archival digital sources. We make frequent trips to Washington D.C. to supplement via digital and physical access.
       Services Available
  • Image Research and Editing across all subject and images types.
  • Image Research and Editing expertise in Arts, History, and Archival News.
  • Public Domain Image Acquisitions.
  • Rights Negotiation, Copyright and Permission Management.
  • Custom colorization, by traditional painting and digitization.